Sakanaya Boston

We are a Japanese Fish Market in Allston, Boston


About Us

"Sakanaya" means "Fish market" in Japanese, known as a country of fresh fish and sushi. From years of experience, the owner purchases fish directly from trusted markets from right here in local Boston to all the way back to the roots, in Tsukiji Japan. 

Our policy is to be your local fish market wherever you are located, to provide quality fish in reasonable prices as it has been. 

Allston, MA

Our first sakanaya is located in Allston MA, right in the middle of exciting and busy students' city of Boston. 

Fish are cut to portions and packed individually for you to choose what you want for how much whether on price or weight. Request sushi, or "saku (mixed sashimi plate" for your special occasions or regular day!


We deliver fresh fish. You heard it right, as long as you live on the east coast of US continent.  

Customers in Washington DC or closer to Boston area can have your choice of fish delivered to your door within a day, and even customers in Florida can enjoy our fish using our innovative "Co-op" delivery service. Order online here, or contact us for details. 

Cannot beat the prices here for sushi and sashimi. I ordered over $30 worth of sushi and a Takara Donburi, anywhere else and i would be paying $75 or more. I got the good stuff too, Uni, Ikura, Amai Ebi, etc. Definitely got my monies worth and will be returning regularly for the Takara donburi for lunch. Highly recommend this hidden jewel.
— Ed Y (Yelp)