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75 Linden Street
Allston, MA, 02134
United States


We are a Japanese Fish Market in Allston, Boston.

Omakase Temaki/Sashimi Set (XL)


Omakase Temaki/Sashimi Set (XL)


Omakase Temaki/Sashimi Set (XL)


Omakase means "chef's choice" and this case, SAKANAYA's choice. We'll put together a sashimi plate (hint: worth way more than the set price!) for you and your friends/family! Serves about 7-8 hungry adults.

Available both for store pick up (made to sashimi) or shipped to your door (as blocks of fish for you to slice and prepare). 

Included fish are...

  • Maguro Akami [lean Tuna]
  • Maguro Toro [Marbled Tuna]
  • Sake [Salmon]
  • Hamachi [Yellowtail]
  • Ikura [Salmon Roe]
  • Uni [Sea Urchin]
  • White fish -Varies

Fish subject to the change due to the market availability. If you have any request, please let us know in the order form. We'll try to accommodate as much as possible. 

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