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75 Linden Street
Allston, MA, 02134
United States


We are a Japanese Fish Market in Allston, Boston.

What's New?

Update since last post, lot has happened!

Sakanaya Boston

We shipped the first NEW box to our customer in New York City! 

Boston Bluefin Season is about to start (from June 1st!) but until then, we have Bluefin from Florida and they are great, too! Very lean, low-fat fish we got here. When you plate Omakase Party Plate, you'll most likely get this lean Bluefin AKAMI in it. 

Pacific Baby Bluefin Tuna

Sakanaya Boston

Tuna season is almost there (starting June 1st)!

Meanwhile, we got some Pacific Baby Bluefin Tuna in the house. Less fat than others, great lean meat. Source of protein without adding extra fat to your diet? Fish like this is a great choice!

Pacific Baby Bluefin Tuna

Pacific Baby Bluefin


Pacific Baby Bluefin


Hiramasa -Yellowtail

Sakanaya Boston

Yellow tail is a name for fish "category" and there are a few "sub-categories" in Japanese. Hamachi, Buri, are well known ones. 

Here we got HIRAMASA in store, waiting for you to enjoy. Compare all the different yellowtails to see if they taste different!


Sakanaya Boston

Have you ordered from our online store yet? We are shipping everyday from Tuesday to Friday!

Current Shipping box

And packing.


Soon to come box!

Get this at your door step!